About IION

For a just and peaceful world, the International Interfaith Organisations Network (IION) provides a forum for the participating organisations to share information, challenges and solutions and support each other
The importance of interfaith co-operation in tackling the major issues of today, such as religiously motivated violence, global warming and the poverty and injustice from which so many people suffer is widely recognised. The International Interfaith Organisations Network ensures co-operation between the major global interfaith bodies so that their work is as effective as possible and costly duplication is avoided.
Member organisations meet annually and keep in touch in between meetings. Several organisations have shared in joint projects.
IION is serviced by the International Interfaith Centre at Oxford, UK.

Historical background:

In March 2001, IIC convened a meeting in Oxford for representatives from 14 international interfaith organisations to discuss enhanced communication and co-operation. Delegates came from the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions, International Association for Religious Freedom, International Interfaith Centre, Interfaith Youth Core, Millennium World Peace Summit for Religious and Spiritual Leaders, Minorities of Europe, Peace Council, Temple of Understanding, United Nations Spiritual Forum for World Peace Initiative, United Religions Initiative, World Conference on Religion and Peace, World Congress of Faiths, World Faiths Development Dialogue, and World Fellowship of Inter-religious Councils. Invited facilitators and resource persons came from the World Interfaith Congress, Soul for Europe, Interfaith Network of the UK, and the Alliance for a Responsible, Plural and United World. All agreed to form a new networking relationship (co-ordinated by IIC). After 9/11, the IION issued a joint statement. In August 2002, representatives met in Budapest after the IARF International Congress. In September 2003 in Oxford. During the Parliament of World Religions in Barcelona in 2004 the network organisations met informally. In March 2005 there was a full network meeting in Oxford. Representatives of IION member organisations met in Oxford, between 24 and 27 April 2006. During the conference, we were delighted to welcome John Battle MP as a speaker. The University Church of St Mary the Virgin, held a reception for the IION to which members of the University and the local faith communities were invited. 2007 A meeting was held in Oxford, followed by a public meeting at St James’ Palace, London. The main themes were interfaith work at the UN and plans for the next Parliament of Religions.

14 Responses to “About IION”

  1. Tribute to Father Berry « International Interfaith Organisations Network Says:

    […] are also happy to direct your attention to the Thomas Berry Award and Memorial Service (listed below).  The website and this Memorial Service are two among many ways to honor Thomas’ legacy […]

  2. Joe Groves Says:

    could you please send me an email address so i can send you some information about becoming a partner to the charter for Compassion.

    Many Thanks

  3. United Religions Initiative « International Interfaith Organisations Network Says:

    […] 1. Executive Director’s Reflections on International Day of Peace 2. URI Members Observe International Day of Peace 3. Jordan CCs Distribute Food to Needy Families during Ramadan 4. URI Building for Greater Impact […]

  4. muhammad sadiq Qarachorlu Says:

    Dear Brothers

    At first i Should thank you to setup such a weblog.My only request is about alerting the upcoming conferences related to islamic or any humanity topics.


    Councilor of International & Scientific Cooperation Office
    Academy of Islamic Sciences and Culture

    Website: http://www.isca.ac.ir
    Email: academy.qom@gmail.com
    Tel & Fax: +98 – 251 – 783 3904
    Mobile: +98 – 935 424 3436 (Mr. Gharachorloo)
    Qom, Iran

  5. Rumi Poetry Club Says:

    A short note to inform you about the new website of the Rumi Poetry Club (www.rumipoetryclub.com) Enjoy your visit!

  6. Kathleen Says:

    Are you a 501c and do you accept donations? Do you actually sponsor programs (local/regional/international) or conferences only?

    • interfaithorganisations Says:

      No, the website is just an exchange of news – but if you look under IION member organisations, any of those listed welcome members and would be glad of donanations – especially the World Congress of Faiths

  7. Dr Mark Manolopoulos Says:

    Dear IION,

    I am writing to you as the research assistant for two projects headed by Professor Graham Oppy (Monash University) and Dr Nick Trakakis (Australian Catholic University). The first, Philosophies of Religions: Multi-Faith Dialogues, is an innovative and ambitious interfaith project in which twenty leading philosophers of religion each representing a separate faith tradition are being brought together from around the globe to interact in an ongoing dialogue over a two-year period. Work generated by these interactions will be edited by the project heads and published by Acumen Press as a four-volume series. The other related enterprise, Christian Philosophies of Religion: Intra-Faith Dialogues, is conducted in a similar vein but on a smaller scale, with six prominent scholars engaging within an intra-faith context; these exchanges will also be published by Acumen Press. (Please refer to the attachment for a more detailed summary of the two projects.)

    Funding for the core costs of the twin ventures is being provided by the Australian Research Council (AU$173,000) (www.arc.gov.au). However, the project organisers also plan to bring together all the philosophers from both projects at a conference in Melbourne in 2012 so that the thinkers may participate in face-to-face dialogue, thereby facilitating greater mutual understanding and communication, and significantly enriching the form and content of the exchanges.

    As the scholars are contributing much of their time and expertise to this project, we intend to cover all their basic travel and accommodation expenses, which are estimated at AU$95,221.50 (please refer to the attachment for an itemized budget). Unfortunately, the ARC funding does not cover the cost of the conference. We are therefore seeking funding from a range of bodies (including interfaith groups and governmental agencies) so that this unique, dynamic, and productive event may be held. We would be most grateful if you could make a financial contribution to our project, conditional on subsequent agreement between us about the scale of your contribution. (In the event that we do not secure the required amount, any contribution that you make will automatically be refunded.)

    As the conference will contribute to the pertinent and contentious question of religious pluralism, it is sure to generate mainstream and alternative media attention, which should have the flow-on effect of promoting the event’s sponsors. Furthermore, the participants will be encouraged to pursue a range of media activities during their time in Melbourne (e.g. public appearances, appearances on radio/television, functions with local ethnic/religious communities, etc.) which should bring further exposure to the conference and its sponsors.

    We appreciate your consideration of this request, and we look forward to hearing from you.

    On behalf of Professor Graham Oppy and Dr N.N. Trakakis,

    Mark Manolopoulos

    Dr Mark Manolopoulos
    BTheol BA(Hons) PhD
    School of Philosophical,
    Historical and
    International Studies
    Melbourne Australia
    614 1333 4466 (int’nal)
    0413 334 466 (local)

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