bombing at the Church of Saints Mark and Peter in Alexandria Condemned


Published date*: 4th January 2011

Official Statement of the Coptic Orthodox Church in the United Kingdom
regarding the New Year’s Eve at the Church of Saints Mark and Peter in

We are deeply saddened and disturbed that once again, days of joy and
celebration have been turned into a time of mourning and weeping. Our
immediate thoughts and prayers are with all those who were affected by
the bombing at the Church of Saints Mark and Peter in Alexandria:
those who have lost their lives, their families, those who were
injured, members of that parish, Christian communities in general, and
Christians throughout the land of Egypt.

This was a time when Christians went as families to pray in the safety
of the house of God. Men, women, children and the elderly gathered
together in prayer for a happy and peaceful new year. Instead, they
became the innocent victims of a most horrific, callus and cowardly
act of terror and violence.

As a Church that has lost millions to martyrdom throughout the
centuries we understand that dying for one’s Faith is a blessing and a
privilege; we also recognise the necessity of carrying our cross. At
the same time however, we believe life and liberty to be gifts from
God which we must honour and value. Advocating for these values,
whether for our own brethren or for strangers, is a matter of
Christian responsibility.

We are concerned that incidents of violence and terror against
Christians in Egypt are increasingly spiralling out of control. They
continue to go unchecked and unresolved, and their perpetrators are
not brought to justice. This passiveness has sent out the message that
Christians in Egypt are an easy and legitimate target. Today’s event
demonstrates this and puts matters on a wholly new level.

We therefore agree with the address
given by His Excellency President Mubarak in which he states that ‘a
red line has been crossed.’ This is indeed a turning point in
Egypt’s history. These are no longer sectarian scuffles or attacks
on Christian Churches and communities, but are premeditated acts of
terrorism and violence that are unprecedented in Egypt. A very
different solution is now needed to deal with a very different kind of

We pray for the peace of all, Christians and Muslims alike, and that
every Egyptian may enjoy freedom and security to live and practise
Faith without fear of violence or terror; protected by the various
arms of the nation state they call home.

Bishop Angaelos

General Bishop, Coptic Orthodox Church, United Kingdom and
Scholar-Consultant to the Christian Muslim Forum

The Archbishop of Canterbury made this statement: The new year’s eve
attack on Christians in Alexandria is yet another dreadful reminder of
the pressure of Christian minorities are under in the Middle East,
echoing the atrocities we have seen in recent weeks. The Coptic
community and other Christian groups in Egypt can be sure of our deep
sorrow at this terrible event and our continuing prayers and support
for them. We know the long and honourable history of co-existence of
Christians and Muslims in Egypt and are confident that the
overwhelming majority of Egyptian people will join in condemning this
and similar acts.

We ask all Christians and Muslims to pray for peace in Egypt, and
elsewhere, to build good inter faith relations in your churches,
masjids (mosques) and neighbourhoods and support those who build
bridges and work for peace.

One Response to “bombing at the Church of Saints Mark and Peter in Alexandria Condemned”

  1. interfaithorganisations Says:

    The Pope has said he is deeply shocked
    The Grand Mufti o Egypt said, ‘Such barbarism needs to be denounced in the strongest of terms and opposed at every turn.’

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