Globalization for the Common Good


 Globalization for the Common Good: An Interfaith Perspective
Ninth Annual Conference

“In Search of the Virtuous Economy: A Plea for Dialogue, Wisdom, and the Common Good”

June 6 – 10, 2010

California Lutheran University
Thousand Oaks, California

Similar to previous conferences, the 2010 event promises to be especially significant and timely. Today, when global conditions can only be described as “complex and perplexing”, a combined effort and collective thinking is needed to find ways to overcome the challenge brought about by the global socio/economic and political crises. Today, our world is challenged by a changing climate, financial and banking crisis, sleaze and lack of transparency in private and public life, hunger and pandemic disease, war and terrorism, armaments and unprecedented violence and insecurity, amongst others. What can make a difference?  Good ideas, Creativity, Passion, Innovation, Wisdom, Justice, dialogue, and the Common Good.

It is our task to ensure that people everywhere know that there are serious alternatives to the world’s present failing policies, rules and institutions, and that there are likeminded global citizens who share a vision of hope and the common good that can lift them out of the deep sense of powerlessness and despair that is now affecting so many parts of the world. Moreover, while the central focus is on solutions to the global economic and financial crisis, we should keep in mind the deeper questions that rarely find their way into political debate or public discourse, matters that are deeply ethical and spiritual: What is the source of true happiness and well-being? What is the purpose of economic life? What is the good life? What does it mean to be a human being living on a spaceship with finite resources?

We invite you to come and be part of this groundbreaking moment in addressing the challenges of globalisation, deepening our understanding, developing skills, cultivating compassion, wisdom and dialogue. Come and join us, so that together we can discover the intellectual energy, the spiritual passion, and the relational power of dialogue, conversation, friendship, sharing wisdom and experience and expertise to heal our broken world.

The Conference main theme and focus is on our search of the virtuous economy, leading by wisdom, doing well by doing good, creating a world that works for all. Other thematic areas which will be addressed include the following: *The meaning and Practice of wisdom, virtues and Service as the basis of a trustful and effective Leadership; *Various religious and spiritual philosophies on economy, globalisation, environment, peace and justice; *Causes and Solutions of the Global Financial Crisis; *Global Repercussions of the Financial Crisis; *Fundamental Defects of the Free Market System; *Ethical Foundations of Ecological Economics, *The Role of Business Schools in the Development of International Projects and Service-Based Learning; *Ethical Investments for a Sufficiency Economy; *Globalisation and Dialogue of Civilisations; *Theology and Economics; *Media, Global Communication and Globalisation; *Government and/or Private Sector Response to the Financial Crisis; *Gender Equity; *Human Health and Well-being; *The Challenges of the Aging Population in the era of Globalisation; *Environmental Stewardship; *The Young People perspectives on Globalisation, Education, Ecology, Economics, Politics and more; *Interreligious Dialogue; *Islam and the West; *Sustainable Production and Consumption; and *How to Harness Greed and How to Nurture the Common Good, and more.

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One Response to “Globalization for the Common Good”

  1. CISD Says:


    I work for the Center for Interfaith Studies and Dialogue in Rochester NY.

    We were curious if you would be interested in blogging about our upcoming interfaith conference in April 2010.

    Thank you!

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